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Does the Drug D.C.A. Being Tested at the University of Alberta Have Promise for Cancer Treatment?

...  many other compounds have seemed similarly promising in the early stages of research without later living up to that promise — but nonetheless, Michelakis believes larger human trials on DCA are warranted. “This site gives the results of the Michelakis research, a look at the possible side effects… Continue reading

Herbal or Organic Remedys for Migrains….?

...  now. i am tired of taking prescriptions and otc asprins. addictions are not good. do you have a herbal or organic remedy for my migraines? Best answer: Answer by MorgantonNCStress could be the cause of your migraines. Everyone needs at least 20 minutes a day of meditation or quiet… Continue reading

Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers | the Best Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers for Men

...  up faster than the coroners' offices can take care of all of them," said Jan Scaglinone, a pharmacist with the Drug and Poison Information Center of Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. The Butler County … His parents … Read more on Cincinnati.comPatients using natural health products with prescription… Continue reading

Vouchers Help With Drug Addiction

...  protest against clinic for drug addicts in Deer Park (SOT/ CONNIE HAYES/ PARENT) ("My concerns are her walking home, you have people that are going in there that are unpredictable, they're addicted to a terrible drug and I understand they need help but they're also unpredictable and they're right… Continue reading

Can I Get a Medical Marijuana Card?

by wistechcolleges Question by Dwayne: Can I get a Medical Marijuana Card? I live In wisconsin and had ACL surgery April 2011, I did all my therapy, and it still hurts, I went in to the doctor so he can look at it, and gave a painkiller, but I don’t… Continue reading

Starting to Get Worried About Swine Flu?

...  by peebles: starting to get worried about swine flu? Ok my friend lives in Milwaukee… and 3 people have died now.. TWO of the three (so more than half) did NOT have underlying health conditions that puts them at risk for serious side effects of the flu. Does that… Continue reading