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Government Roles Towards Eradication of Drug Abuse/addiction?

by Christiana Care Question by iwezor: government roles towards eradication of drug abuse/addiction? Best answer: Answer by UpAtNightAKA, the War on Drugs. It’s not working. And they are overzealous in trying to control the medical aspect of prescribing drugs for pain control. People who need it are not getting pain… Continue reading

Co-Dependence and Young Adult Issues Explored at Promises Treatment

Co-Dependence and Young Adult Issues Explored at Promises Treatment … Promises Treatment Centers in Malibu, CA, West Los Angeles, CA, and Austin, Texas are among the nation's premier addiction treatment centers. Led by some of the country's leading addiction specialists, Promises has built an international reputation for … Read more on… Continue reading

Adult Drug Court Helps Addicts Recover

...  Drug Court helps addicts recover Designed to help non-violent drug users break the cycle of addiction through a program where participants commit to an intensive rehabilitation process, drug court is based on a national model with a proven recovery tool for addicts. Through drug court … Read more on… Continue reading

Conservatives Seek to Lead on Prison Reform

Conservatives seek to lead on prison reform At first blush, the Midland-based Mackinac Center for Public Policy, a conservative think tank, might seem an unlikely cheerleader for prison reform. Michael LaFaive, a fiscal analyst for the Mackinac … Does it makes sense to lock up as many people … Read… Continue reading

How Can I Find Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers in Yucca Valley, California?

...  risk to harm himself or another person, they can have that person hospitalized for 72 hours for psychological observation. Contact you local police department for more info for what is available in CA. Alcohol Treatment Centers near Yucca Valley – Local Results Rockin Recovery Center – (760) 228-3241 –… Continue reading

Is John Kasich the Most Formidable 2016 GOP Candidate You Don't Know?

Is John Kasich The Most Formidable 2016 GOP Candidate You Don't Know? Putin, after all, is not the only cynic on center state in the Ukraine crisis. …. In Texas, funneling money to special courts (like drug courts or prostitution courts), rehabilitation, and probation in an effort to make sure… Continue reading