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What Is the Best Drug Rehab for Young Adults?

...  drug rehab for young adults? I am trying to find the best treatment center in Arizona for my little brother. He is 21 and using heroin. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Best answer: Answer by Bill DavisThere are many great treatment centers for drug and alcohol addiction. Depending… Continue reading

Are There Any Free or Low Cost Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers or Outpatient Options in Kansas?

by Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library Question by MacLXXI: Are there any free or low cost drug and alcohol rehab centers or outpatient options in Kansas? I am needing to find services, at no or low cost for drug and alcohol addiction in Kansas, preferably, possibly one of the… Continue reading

Shirley Temple, Iconic Child Star, Dies at 85

...  Iconic Child Star, Dies At 85 In its review of "Rebecca," the show business publication Variety complained that a "more fitting title would be 'Rebecca of Radio City.'" She won a special Academy Award in … Her young life was free of the scandals that plagued so many other… Continue reading

Pharmacology Question for Nursing Student…?

Question by JC: Pharmacology question for nursing student…? Just needed to know what a scheduled drug is exactly…can’t find anything about it in the drug guide. Best answer: Answer by David AA drug that is on one of the four schedules put out by the Federal Government. Schedule one is… Continue reading

*Urgent! What Insurance Plans Cover “Passages Malibu” Drug Treatment Center?

Question by Shaina: *urgent! what insurance plans cover “passages malibu” drug treatment center? If you have been there or just know the list of what plans are accepted, please please let me know…. this means Life or Death. thank you soooo much!!! Best answer: Answer by sunshine girlI would be… Continue reading

Marijuana Maintenance: Cannabis for Alcohol Dependence

...  Maintenance: Cannabis for Alcohol Dependence — You might be saying to yourself, why do we need to use medical marijuana for alcohol dependence–can’t we just send everybody to a 12 step program and make t… Alcohol dependency in Japan An estimated 6.45 million people in Japan suffer from alcohol-related… Continue reading