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Help!!! How Do I Stop Watching Porn?

...  by Lucifer Rising: Help!!! How do I stop watching porn? ever since I started watching porn my love line an personal life has went so far downhill it isn’t funny. every time i try to quit i come back. i feel like a drug addict, my ex girlfriend… Continue reading

Drug Debate: Will Punishing Women Who Take Drugs While Pregnant Help, Hurt or

...  heroin scourge with tougher penalties for dealers, more funding for overdose-reversal drugs and increased better coverage for treatment. … bills that would increase … Read more on The Journal News / Lohud.comLooks like Windows Blue will not have a Start button or Start menu. — Microsoft is addicted… Continue reading


...  but it brings mothers, fathers together to provide support when there … Read more on Piqua Daily CallDauphin County commissioners vow battle on prescription drug addiction … I can't say how many I called up and said 'Do you know your kids are taking drugs, selling drugs,'… Continue reading

Delhi HC Refers Police Brutality on Homeless to NHRC

...  Ke Liye told the court that police, instead of taking homeless drug addicts to de-addiction centres, had beaten them brutally. Referring the matter of alleged police brutality to the NHRC, the court said the rights … Read more on Business StandardDeceased homeless memorialized in ceremony Jimmy Johnson,… Continue reading

Adult Drug Court Helps Addicts Recover

...  Through drug court … Read more on Sierra Vista HeraldAddicts Victorious conference helps battle 'drug epidemic' "If you had a child dying with cancer, you'd do everything possible to save that child, but many parents have a child dying with drug addiction and don't even realize it,"… Continue reading

Bain Capital Sees Opportunity in Methadone Clinics

...  Capital sees opportunity in methadone clinics Clinics like this one on Topeka Street in Boston can be lifesavers for addicts trying to kick heroin or other opiates. Reports of heroin overdoses and deaths are on the rise as cheap and potent versions of the drug — sometimes laced with… Continue reading