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Mental Health Month Brings Focus to Hoosier Prescription Drug Abuse

...  Health Month brings focus to Hoosier prescription drug abuse While news of celebrity deaths and arrests related to drug abuse may seem like isolated events, the dramatic increase of opiate addiction is a widespread epidemic to which Hoosiers are not immune. May is Mental Health Month, which provides an… Continue reading

Help With Drug Abuse?

...  out all of the drugs from his room today and when he gets home he’s gonna freak, i no that just by taking the drugs away isn’t going to do anything but we are also a very poor family, i was wondering where i could look (like a website)… Continue reading

Network of Agencies in Berkshire County Offer Treatment Options

...  some recovering addicts scrambling for a new way to get addiction-fighting drugs. The clinic, a branch … Read more on Wicked Local BraintreeBain Capital company buys Brattleboro methadone clinic Ciampi, in a statement emailed through a CRC spokeswoman, said, “we are very pleased with their operations and focus… Continue reading

To Those With Mental Illness: Do You Have Problems With Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Your Family?

...  she started to be mobile again, she met my father and started to build a life… Unfortunately, they liked to party because my father was like 5 years younger than she was so he was in his “19 and stupid” phase while she wanted to start a family… She… Continue reading

Twitter Can Be Used to Monitor HIV Risk, Drug Abuse – Times of India

...  for Parents Drug Summit In 2013, St. Mary's County has faced an increased rate of prescription drug and heroin overdoses. These occurrences cannot be overlooked by our community. Prescription drug abuse is a leading cause to the increasing number of heroin users, … Read more on Southern Maryland News Net… Continue reading

Where to Find Help for Opiate Addiction

...  to find help for opiate addiction — http://drug.addictionblog.org/help-for-opiate-addiction/ Where to find help for opiate addiction | Addiction Blog If you are looking for medical help for opi… Critics frustrated with progress of state drug strategy Among the recommendations to help with the prescription painkiller and heroin addiction problem was… Continue reading