What Happens When the Victim Does Not Testify?

Question by Amy D: What happens when the victim does not testify?
My friend was involved in a domestic violence case, in which her boyfriend took drugs and then physically hurt her. There were witnesses at the scene and police came to stop the boyfriend. He is in the hospital and was just arrested for attempted murder. My friend is horrified; she is in full agreement that her boyfriend needs severe alcohol and drug abuse treatment, and she would agree to domestic violence. She does not wish to testify for attempted murder because she completely disagrees with this decision. Will the case be dismissed or the charges be less because she will not testify? This is just a horrible, horrible case…

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Answer by mobilemark
most abuse cases now dont need the victim to testify
its up to the discrit attorney as how to procedie
he could file attempted murder charge or his attorney could try a plea
bargiin to domestic violence
you would have to talk with the DA

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