What Help Is Available Within England for Heroin Addiction?

Question by Maverick: What help is available within England for Heroin Addiction?
A family member of mine has a Heroin addiction. I have no idea how I can go about helping them, but having already lost one member to the drug, I do not wish to see another… Continue reading

St. Louis Encephalitis Virus?

Question by BenOver: St. Louis encephalitis Virus?
I need a lot of info on this virus. like what diseases does it cause? whats the specific host cell? symptoms of disease caused by virus? Treatment of disease? mode of transmission? genetic material and replication process? All help will be appreciated. Thank… Continue reading

Sneed: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Flies to Chicago as He Seeks Addiction Treatment

Sneed: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford flies to Chicago as he seeks addiction treatment
Sneed is told that embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who claims he has taken a leave of absence to seek help for alcohol addiction, flew via private jet to Chicago on Thursday afternoon. It was not known… Continue reading

Tennessee Drug Rehab Treatment Center in Nashville Tennessee-the RECOVERY RANCH-TN

Tennessee Drug Rehab Treatment Center in Nashville Tennessee-THE RECOVERY RANCH-TN — Tennessee Drug Rehab Treatment Center in Nashville Tennessee-THE RECOVERY RANCH-TN.

Viral infections hits Rockies clubhouse
They countersued for breach of contract and fraud, blaming Lohan's "drug-addled image" and legal problems for making it impossible to sell her 6126 Collection… Continue reading

Drug Names?

Question by koolgurl94: Drug names?
Where is a list of drug names- people are like, “crack” “coke” “speed” “weed” “grass” and stuff- and I can’t tell which are which. I DON’T WANT TO DO DRUGS!!!!!! I just want to know because I watch police shows and i get confused about… Continue reading

About Drug Rehab and Clinic … ?

Question by Gracie: About drug rehab and clinic … ?
Hello my best friend is now is a clinic.
She is in and out for a long time..from cocaine (witch she is using for 7 years) and alcohols..etc, she is taking cocaine every 5 min and a bottle of vodka… Continue reading